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Webbing Lifting Slings 2000kg


Webbing slings also commonly referred to as lifting strops are designed for use in a wide range of lifting applications.

Perfect for lifting objects that have fragile surfaces, these sling avoid damaging the load as opposed to using
 products of a metal structure i.e. chainslings and wire rope slings. 

LiftinGear webbing slings can be used in the following lifting hitches - straight, basket & choke.

Product Information:

  • Colour coded for easy identification against industry standards
  • Polyester duplex webbing
  • Light & durable for awkward loads
  • Reinforced becket eye


  • Lengths available from 1mtr - 3mtrs
  • Customised lengths available upon request
  • 60mm wide flat load bearing surface
  • Safety factor 7:1
  • WLL 2 tonne
  • BS EN1492-1:2000
  • BS EN1492-1:2000

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