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Vulcathene Enfusion Machine - 38mm - 152mm (HDPE) 110v (PEF113)


The Vulcathene Enfusion Welder is used for creating secure connections in Vulcathene pipework from 40mm – 152mm dia.

It creates extreme heat and pressure during the welding process making a reliable joint required for the chemical proof properties of the Vulcathene pipe system.

The heat for the joint is produced by an electrical current flowing through wires embedded in the sleeve fitting which is placed around the adjoining pipe.  The pressure comes when the fitting shrinks under the welding conditions.

Operating Mode Enfusion Automatic
Input Voltage/Current 110V/11A
Input Frequency 50Hz
Output Voltage/Current 3V-50V/18A
Output Power 50-900W
Weld time 1.5″-6″ C 150 : N120 : H110
Power Factor 0.72
Weight 15KG
Size 40cm x 32cm x 16cm



Electrofusion Welding Wipes - (ZPE035)

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