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Rems Cento Cutter - 15 - 108mm 110v (PEC039)


Please note - blades are sold separately!

Light, portable compact machine. Universal for cutting and deburring pipes and tubes. For trade and industry. For the building site and the workshop.

Stainless steel pipes of pressfitting systems, carbon steel, copper Ø 8–108 mm,
Steel pipes DIN EN 10255 (DIN 2440) DN 10-100, Ø 1/4-4'', Ø 14-115mm,
Cast iron pipes (SML) EN 877 (DIN 19522) DN 50-100,
Plastic pipes SDR 11 Ø 10-110mm, wall thickness s ≤ 10mm,
Multilayer composite pipe Ø 10-110mm.

REMS Cento RF Set
Welded drain pipes / down pipes in stainless steel
Steel (EN 1124) Ø 40-110mm

REMS Cento – Cutting and deburring up to up to Ø 115 mm, 4". Super fast. Right angled. Chip-free. No outer burr. Dry cutting. Universal for many pipe type.



Rems Copper and Stainless Steel Blade for Cento/DueCento Cutter (845 050) - ZPE021)

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