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Rems 160 Butt Fusion Machine - 40mm - 160mm (HDPE) 110v (PEF101)


Powerful, proven, easy-to-carry compact machine. Ideal for sanitary installations and installations of drain pipes, chimney reconstruction with PVDF pipes. For job site and workshop.

Plastic pipes and fittings in PB, PE, PP, PVDF Ø 40–160 mm, Ø 40– 90 mm ≤ PN 16, Ø 40–110 mm ≤ PN 10, Ø 40–140 mm ≤ PN 6, Ø 40–160 mm ≤ PN 4.

REMS SSM 160K – ideal for the pipe fitter.
Light and compact. Heating element according to DVS. Electronic temperature control. High-quality PTFE coating. Powerful facing cutter. Closed facing cutter housing.



Rems 315 Butt Fusion Machine - 90mm - 315mm (HDPE) - (PEF103)

Ritmo VR250 Butt Fusion Machine 75-250mm (HDPE) - (PEF102)

Electrofusion Welding Wipes - (ZPE035)

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