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Oerlikon Fincord Welding Electrodes

These OVERCORD Z™ general purpose MMA welding electrodes are suitable for structural steel work, workshop and maintenance welding in all positions. With a medium to thick rutile cellulosic coating, the product is available in various sizes to allow you to select the product that best suits your needs.

Features and Benefits:

• Easy striking and re-striking action as well as good gap bridging
• Works well even on work-pieces with residuals of paint, rust or zinc
• Self-releasing slag for ease of use
• Can weld even in a vertical down position
• Produces smooth and slightly concave weld beads which blend into the base plate without undercut

Typical Applications:

• For steel plate and strip including structural steels and pipework, especially for positional welding under site conditions


• Conforms to EN ISO 2560-A: E 38 0 RC 1 1, AWS A5.1: E 6013