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Manual Squeeze Off Tool - 20mm - 63mm (PEF129)


This PE pipe squeeze off tool, also known as a flow stopping clamp, is designed to control the flow of gas and water within polyethylene (PE) pipes ranging from 20mm to 63mm in diameter.

Commonly used for repair and connection operations, enabling work to be undertaken while the pipeline is under pressure. The pipe is squeezed shut in a controlled manner by simply turning the handle in a clockwise direction. The PE pipe squeeze off tool is a toolbox essential for many trades.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Removable lower squeeze off bar
  • Labelled built-in stop plates
  • Extended T-bar handle
  • Solid steel body construction
  • Conforms to Gas Industry Standards GIS/PL2-7:2013
  • Made in the UK


Manual Squeeze Off Tool 20mm - 63mm - (PEF129)

Hydraulic Squeeze Off Tool 63mm - 200mm - (PEF129)

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