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Makita 8406 Diamond Core Drill (PTM103)


This hammer drill with torque limiter and powerful motor can accept a large diamond core bit 150 mm(5-7/8")in dia. This tool is ideal for making clean-cut, smooth holes in tile, ferroconcrete, marble, brick, etc.

  • Heavy duty construction - ideal for site work
  • Percussion action for drilling pilot hole.
  • Rotary action for dry diamond core drilling.
  • Torque limiter to prevent operator injury if the core bit snags.
  • Excellent for plumbers, electricians, general contractors, hirers.


Diamond Core Drill Bits

Extension Bar 200mm - (ZDE137)

HEX Arbour - (ZDE139)

SDS Arbour - (ZDE141)

Drill Bit 8mm X 205mm - (ZDE143)

Diamond Core Ejector Pin - (ZDE145)



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