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Geberit Mepla 16-75mm


The Geberit Mepla pressing jaws generate a balanced distribution of force, ensuring a high pressing performance.

Incorrect pressing will become a thing of the past thanks to the precise pressing jaw guide of the fitting Geberit Mepla pressing jaws should not require any external maintenance throughout the entire life span. As a result you will have no down time, saving you overall cost. Even after intensive use, the corrosion-resistant surfaces the tool remains in excellent working order.

  • Compact and lightweight with high performance
  • Suitable for restricted construction situations
  • Slim, non-slip handle for reliable handling
  • Electrohydraulic drive
  • Good visibility in dark corners thanks to integrated LEDs on the ACO203plus
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the brushless motor (selected models)

The Geberit Mepla pressing collars are small, light and robust to ensure easy handling for more speedy time effective jobs. Pressing collars with 63mm and 75mm dimensions are used for pressing Geberit Mepla pipes. The collars are held firmly in place on the press fitting thanks to a snap mechanism. The adaptor jaw can also be used to adapt the pressing tool.



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