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Furniture Skoots - 200kg - (LHE107)


Hydraulic furniture movers with 100mm lift are designed to aid the transportation of all heavy and bulky box or crate-type objects.

This heavy-duty 2-piece system with straps is easy to use, simply use the two securing straps and secure each strap around the crate/object and lock back onto the frame of the mover. Pump the hydraulic lifter to raise the load off the floor and once lifted these furniture movers make moving heavy loads effortless due to the large swivel castors fitted.

1800kg Equipment Movers - Further Specifications:-

  • Lift up to 250mm
  • Easy to use
  • Swivel Handle which controls the rotation of wheels 
  • Hard-wearing polyurethane wheels reduce the risk of damage to the floor
  • Wheels do not move / swivel on their own
  • Lifting plate dimensions: 600 x 60mm
  • Dimensions: 770x450x1090mm

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