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Extension Lead - 110V 16amp (SSC001)


This 110V extension lead is 10m long, so you’ll have far more flexibility when you're working. The robust lead has three-pin industrial connectors at either end for easy and safe connection to 16A sockets.

Thanks to its bright yellow colour, the long extension lead is easy to spot on a busy site, reducing the risk of tripping. The heavy-duty cable easily coils after use too, for neat and secure storage.

  • 16A three-pin yellow plug and coupler
  • 3 core 1.5²mm VDE-approved cable
  • Made from Arctic Grade 3 core yellow flex
  • 10m length for good reach on site
  • Perfect for on-site industrial applications
  • P44-rated
  • Manufactured to BS 60309 as specified by the IEC

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