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Exact 220 Pipe Cutter - 15 - 220mm 110v (PEC029)


Exact Pipecutting Systems are the fastest, easiest and safest way to cut pipes.

Pipes made of steel, cast iron and other materials are usually cut with dangerous, imprecise angle grinders or heavy and unwieldy pipe cutting contraptions. Slow, labour-intensive manual pipe cutters are also commonly used.

The innovative new Exact Pipecutting system essentially resolves all the problems associated with pipe cutting.

Benefits of Exact Pipe Cutting System

  • Great improvements in ease of work and working safety as well as fire safety
  • After cutting, the cut ends of the pipe are straight and ready to be connected
  • The Exact method provides an extremely fast cutting speed which saves working time significantly
  • Ease of work and better working conditions, as the Exact method is designed to be used in worksite conditions (on-site) and it is very easy and light to use
  • The cutting process is also very safe to the user. The machine is tightly fixed to the pipe and cannot rush from the user’s hands
  • The method is environmentally safe because the cutting does not produce much sparks or dust
  • Invincible range of pipes with one machine
  • Pipes can be cut everywhere when electric power is available
  • All pipe materials such as steel, stainless, cast-iron, copper, plastic, multi-layer can be cut
  • Workbenches or big tripod stands are not needed
  • Reasonable purchasing price



Cermet x 140 Blades - Steel/Copper/Plastic for 220E (ZPE101)

Diamond x 140 Blades - Cast Iron/Ductile for 220E (ZPE103)