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Conex Bänninger - 15-108mm - (Copper / Carbon / Stainless Steel)

All compatible pressing units from Novopress (ACO203, ECO203, ECO202, ACO202, ACO202XL, EFP202 and AFP202) can be used with the compatible press jaws from Novopress up to 35 mm (metal pipe) and 32 (plastic pipe/ U-contour up to 50mm). The jaws are with their low weight and their compact design the perfect addition for the pressing units and are perfectly adapted to the pipe and fittings systems. Starting from dimension 42 mm (metal pipes) or 40 / 50 mm (plastic pipe, depending on system) Novopress has the press collars, which allow a perfect pressing result and small measurements. All collars for the compatible tools are driven with the adaptor jaws ZB203, ZB221 or ZB222 (second pressing 108 mm).


Depth Gauge - (ZPE070)

Dri Slide Multi Purpose Lubricant - (ZPE063)