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Combi Ladder 3.2m CLOSED - (SAE031)


With 5 different variations, the Clow Reach-A-Light ladder is the ultimate in versatility and is ideal for those difficult to reach jobs.

Configurations include a Step Ladder, an Extended Step Ladder, a Single Section Ladder, a Double Section Ladder and Triple Section Ladder. Ideal for use in church halls, gymnasiums and any buildings with similarly high ceilings where a free standing and self supporting ladder is required. Unique automatic rung locks prevent the ladder sections accidentally separating when the ladder is in use. Suitable for use by the professional or DIY enthusiast.

  • Number of rungs - 3 x 11
  • Max ladder length - 7.76m
  • Closed length - 3.28m
  • Height as an A Frame ladder - 3.08m
  • Height as a Freestanding ladder - 5.19m
  • Stabiliser Width - 1.35m  
  • Weight - 24kg


Ladder Tags - (ZPA009)

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