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Battery Powered Stair Climber - 150kg - (LHE121)


The MTK 310 Powered Stairclimber is a steel framed Stairclimber and comes complete with an automatic braking system and folding handle and capable of up to 310kg

This Stairclimber is ideal for moving photocopiers, safes, filing cabinets, leisure equipment, gaming machines, sports equipment & cash machines

This heavy duty Stairclimber is used by a number of delivery companies to ease the problems of moving heavy and awkward loads up stairs

1 person can manage to transport the loads:-

  • up to 310kg
  • easily, safety and quickly (8 - 9 steps per minute) over almost all kinds of stairs (even winding stairs) and
  • to move the load comfortably and smoothly (due to pneumatic tyres) on level ground

​The heart of the hand truck is the electric lifting system with a crank drive. It is controlled by the electronic power switch, actuated by push buttons located on the right handles.  By releasing the push button the load can be put down in every position.  A sliding clutch protects the handtruck from mechcanical overload.  Double handles and a foldable frame enables the load to be under optimal control in every positions

The MTK 310 comes wirh it's own integrated toeplate, folding handle, braking system, battery, mains charger and 3.2mtr strap

  • Load capacity: 310kg
  • Climbing speed: 8-9 steps/min
  • Battery capacity: 100 steps
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Weight of battery unit: 5.5kg
  • Maximum step height: 210mm
  • Total height: 1620mm
  • Height with top section folded: 1100mm
  • Main wheels: 260 x 35 ball bearings
  • Width of frame: 380mm
  • Width of clearance: 580mm
  • Depth without toe plate: 580 x 300mm
  • Depth of toe plate: 195mm

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