ME HIRE LIMITED Achieves FORS Silver Certificate: A Testament to Excellence in Fleet Operations

ME HIRE LIMITED Achieves FORS Silver Certificate: A Testament to Excellence in Fleet Operations

Oct 31, 2023M E Hire


At ME HIRE LIMITED, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services to our customers, and one of the key pillars of our commitment is the safe and efficient operation of our fleet. We are delighted to share the news that we have recently achieved the prestigious FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Silver Certificate. This achievement reflects our unwavering dedication to enhancing the safety, sustainability, and performance of our fleet operations.

FORS Silver: A Mark of Excellence in Fleet Management

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a nationally recognized accreditation program in the UK that assesses and certifies the standards of fleet management. Achieving FORS Silver certification is a significant milestone for any company with a focus on safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible fleet operations. Let's explore the significance of this achievement and its impact on our customers and the wider community.

  • Enhanced Safety: Safety is a top priority in fleet management, and FORS Silver certification signifies our commitment to ensuring the safety of our drivers, other road users, and the public. We have implemented rigorous safety protocols, including regular training and assessments, to minimize the risk of accidents.
  • Improved Environmental Performance: The FORS scheme places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. ME HIRE LIMITED has taken significant steps to reduce our environmental impact, including reducing emissions, improving fuel efficiency, and incorporating eco-friendly technologies.
  • Efficiency and Compliance: Achieving FORS Silver demonstrates our commitment to operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Our fleet operations are finely tuned to optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and meet all relevant industry regulations.

    The Journey to FORS Silver Certification

    Obtaining FORS Silver certification was no small feat. It involved a comprehensive evaluation of our fleet management practices, including safety protocols, environmental standards, and operational efficiency. The process encompassed:

    • Driver Training: Our team of drivers underwent specialized training in safe and efficient driving techniques, enhancing their skills and knowledge.
    • Vehicle Maintenance: We have implemented strict vehicle maintenance and inspection schedules to ensure that our fleet operates at its best and that our customers receive reliable equipment.
    • Emissions Control: Our commitment to reducing emissions and promoting cleaner, more sustainable transport methods is a key aspect of FORS Silver certification.

      Benefits for Our Customers

      ME HIRE LIMITED's attainment of FORS Silver certification directly benefits our customers:

      • Safety Assurance: Customers can trust that their equipment will be transported safely, and our drivers are well-prepared to handle any situation on the road.
      • Environmental Responsibility: Our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint aligns with the sustainability goals of our customers.
      • Operational Excellence: Achieving FORS Silver certification ensures our fleet operations are efficient, reliable, and in compliance with industry regulations, resulting in improved service delivery.



        ME HIRE LIMITED's achievement of FORS Silver certification is a testament to our commitment to excellence in fleet management. We are proud of this accomplishment and view it as a significant step forward in providing safer, more environmentally responsible, and efficient services to our valued customers. Thank you for being a part of our journey towards safer and more sustainable fleet operations. We look forward to continuing to serve you with excellence and dedication.


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